Life in Colombia, Beyond the Violence

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Today I’m launching a storytelling project on Beacon Reader, where I will be writing a series of stories called Life In Colombia, Beyond The Violence.

It’s a collection of profiles, narratives, and personal essays describing Colombian life beyond the drug-trafficking and the violence that you usually think about when you hear about Colombia.

I’m really excited about this opportunity. Beacon is an innovative new platform for writers and journalists to connect directly to readers like you. And it lets you get stories that aren’t being told inside the the old model of journalism.

Here are some of the people in the stories I’m going to tell you about:

Inline image 1

But in order to tell these stories, I need to have at least 30 people commit to a subscription. Otherwise the stories sink.

Please check out my page to learn more about subscribing to my channel.

You’ll also get access to nearly 100 other writers and their stories on Beacon too. I’m really hoping to get this off the ground soon so that I can start telling you great stories from Colombia!

If you have any questions about a subscription, my stories or Beacon Reader, please just shoot me a message. I’d be happy to chat.

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